Project Workflow Management©

by Dan Epstein and Rich Maltzman


 PM Workflow® - A Business Process Approach


Project Workflow Management is the first book ever in the market based on the PM Workflow® framework – a flow of necessary executable processes with logical decision making and detailed instructions for their execution, along with tools, control point tests, templates, checklists, tips and many examples.


PM Workflow® can be compared to the project GPS. Just as GPS automatically selects the most efficient route to drive and changes it when a road construction or heavy traffic is encountered,  PM Workflow® directs the project flow by selecting processes in the project execution path based on the system of requests, decision checkpoints, decision tables and project health evaluation results.


This ensures that all the required processes and only the required processes are executed. Furthermore, it constantly performs qualitative assessments of outcomes and redirects the process flow to the alternative execution path when issues arise, suggesting steps for their resolution.


This unique approach significantly improves projects quality because the compliance with all required project management processes is enforced by PM Workflow®, creating error free project management environment and reducing project costs. The book illustrates project management business processes and their flows by over fifty process flow diagrams with a visual portrayal and detailed explanation of processes.

following is Dan's article Project Workflow Framework: An Error Free Project Management Environment in the PMI affiliated website 
 Along with describing its features, the article demonstrates how they are physically implemented. 


In addition, the book and PM Workflow® will provide the following benefits:


  • Describe the unique step-by-step workflow guiding approach using project management methods, practical techniques, examples, tools, templates, checklists and tips, teaching readers the detailed and necessary knowledge required to manage project "hands-on" from scratch, instructing what to do, when to do and how to do it up to delivering the completed and tested product or service to your client.
  • Prompts and instructs project managers in every step of the project lifecycle.
  • Make it easier for corporations and individual project managers to implement the project management processes to ensure the end product quality and to encourage and implement sustainable project management.
  • Prepare even an inexperienced reader with no previous PM skills to manage the entire project lifecycle from A to Z, arming them with practical techniques, examples, tools, templates, checklists and step-by-step guidance for confidently managing a project. 
  • Minimize the need for the experienced and expensive project managers, as the workflow will protect the less experienced project managers against most project lifecycle errors. The less experienced project managers will be able to substitute experienced project managers, saving company expenses, while more experienced and expert project managers will spend their time more wisely and make them available for a general oversight, program and portfolio management. This better use of project resources will reduce the cost of projects across all industries and enterprises.
  • Clearly identifies roles and responsibilities of all project staff, including management, making their personal biases, guesses, incorrect assumptions and “gut feelings” irrelevant. 

  • Transform the old waterfall method into the logically directed process flow. Each thread of the multithreaded process flow path will alternate forth and back between project frames, which are collections of related processes in the overall workflow and between individual processes within frames, guided by a system of requests to perform the required business functions.  
  • Serve as a handy reference to both the new and the experienced project managers alike for every step of the project lifecycle. 
  • Extend the level of project control beyond what is offered by existing project management tools, such as MS Project and others. The multiple thread tracking will show which new execution thread started, such as new issue, new scope change, new risk and how the thread execution proceeds. This is especially important in large projects, since it is difficult to remember all details. The tracking table will show, for example, that the scope change request was initially submitted, then it was approved for investigation, then the budget was approved etc. The thread execution tracking table will show every step of the scope change, risk, issue management and other processes. The project plan will not show you that level of details.

  • Creates error free project management environment, which cuts project costs in a drastic way.

  • Constitute a visible path for a comprehensive software application based on PM Workflow. The tool will automate project execution and lead project from the initial request submission to the project closure, while constantly performing qualitative assessments of outcomes and fetching the next process for further execution, based on those results. When issues encountered, it will redirect process flow to the alternative path for resolution. This application will eliminate human factor creating a virtually error free project management process. It may seamlessly incorporate existing project management tools, such as MS Project, Clarity, Primavera etc. This new tool may produce unbiased reports of project execution for the enterprise management, making each project transparent with no surprises. Such a tool may truly revolutionize project management.

PM Workflow may be used with any technology available today, and in fact is adept at facilitating virtual project teams. PM Workflow provides several methods and tools to communicate information and to control project execution, ensuring that all required processes are executed in a timely fashion. In this way it provides prediction of project quality. The following are methods and tools used by PM Workflow to provide better project communication, control and execution:


  1. Multiple checklists to ensure that ALL processes are followed, such as requirement gathering and analysis, risk management, estimating, quality management and everything else, along with the detailed methods for process implementation.
  2. A project control book for recording and communicating ALL project information and metrics. This data may be entered into a database, available to duplicate the successful methods applied for use in future projects and prevent repeating mistakes.
  3. The established acceptance criteria for most processes.
  4. Project status report templates and outline of status meetings, in person or virtual, on all levels. With PM Workflow in place, the knowledge transfer at meetings is facilitated.
  5. Tool to calculate Earned Value Analysis and evaluate project health.
  6. Tool and method to perform risk assessments and to produce basic risk plan.
  7. Tool for instant indication of client satisfaction level.
  8. Tool for control multithreaded process execution and tracking, which provides better project visibility on a more detailed level that the existing project scheduling and tracking tools, such as MS Project, Primavera and others.

Free tools for the project risk assessment, the earned value analysis and the client satisfaction evaluation are available for download from this site. Click here more information on tools.


The downloadable Teaching Aid Package for the project management teachers and instructors is available on this site for purchase. The package includes free electronic copy of the book. Click here for more information.

You may buy the book from the following sources:

1. Amazon and Barnes&Noble: $85.96, free shipping
2. PMI Marketplace $75.95+shipping ($4.00 discount for PMI members)

For more options to obtain the book, check the Download section here.


Experts Say ... 


Dr. Harold Kerzner

Senior Executive Director for Project Management, The International Institute for Learning


Good methodologies may be able to limit some problems happening in your projects. But it is highly more likely that a good understanding of and adherence to project workflow can prevent them from happening. From where we stand right now, it appears to be the best alternative, and significantly more valuable to the project manager than complex methodologies and processes.


Samir Penkar

Founder, Future of Project Management and author of A Project Management Journey. 

Rich Maltzman and Dan Epstein present a novel and creative way to look at the “how” and “when” of project management. The concept of framing project management as a process workflow makes the field accessible and easy to learn by almost anyone. It’s like having a map in your hand and tracing where you want to go. The process workflow diagrams, decision points, templates and guidance in this book are excellent pointers. We will have a lot more project managers in the world, by viewing project management through this lens. It’s an ambitious book, with the potential to take project management in a new direction. I applaud Rich and Dan for challenging our entrenched beliefs in the current project management methodologies.


Kay Wais

The founder and principal of Successful Projects and the vice president of AVS Group. 

This is a book you will share with employees and mentees. Project Workflow Management provides new project managers with a clear and tactical process flow for their responsibilities. It arms experienced project managers with a way to communicate the frame-by-frame project flow and the responsibilities for the project manager, delivery team, various management roles, and the sponsor.  Reading it is the equivalent of a college course and spending two years managing projects inside a highly-functioning organization.


Jean Binder

Author and Cleland award winner for  Global Project Management.


Project Workflow Management in an excellent guide for anyone starting to study, teach or work on project management, as it provides a comprehensive list of what needs to be done in a project, while explaining how it can be done. The richness of unique concepts, formulas and templates in this book make it a one-stop reference for all experienced project managers and for organizations that are standardizing their project management methodologies.


Gerrard Hill

Principal Consultant, Hill Consulting Group,

Author of The Complete Project Management Office Handbook and

The Complete Project Management Methodology and Toolkit


Great coverage – it takes the processes of project management to a new, higher level of competency. This publication effectively addresses all essential project management processes needed to ensure a successful project outcome. A plethora of great examples and detailed guidance will complement the advanced skills of seasoned managers, as well as developing the skills of managers leading their first project. The effective planning, executing, and tracking process guidance prescribed for each “frame” will serve readers and their organizations well in keeping projects on schedule and on budget! I got a sense of comprehensive coverage that project managers and project team members need in order to fulfill the demands of today’s business world.

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