PM Workflow for you:

1. Project Managers 


PM Workflow® and the book are a hands-on reference to all project management processes and a guide to every step of the project lifecycle. It is a step-by-step reference to managing projects throughout the entire course of a project and a guide to the practical hands-on project management from project request to a project closeout. Project managers may download free:


1. Project Workflow Process Hierarchy

2. Risk Assessment Tool

3. Earned Value Analysis Tool

4. Client Satisfaction Survey Tool

5. Description of the downloadable tools. 


 Download in one RAR file.

2. PM Students and Instructors


Project Management class based on PM Workflow® may be taught in universities and colleges, including MBA programs that teach Project Management (PM3xx or PM4xx for universities and PM5xx for MBA), as well as in continuing education courses. 


This is the only book which prepares students to manage the entire project lifecycle. After learning book materials and completing exercises and assignments, students will gain enough knowledge to confidently manage small to medium projects.  Students may download the PM Workflow process hierarchy structure and three project management tools. Check the Download section for details. 


The university professors and Instructors will  see their students capable of managing real projects hands-on. They will find here the optional teaching aid and visuals, such as detailed PowerPoint presentations having around 950 slides for the entire PM course, quizzes, assignments for practical exercises, instructions to teachers and handouts. The emphasis of the exercises will be given to both the developing project tasks and following the process workflow, as outlined in the book. Several scenarios will be played, when specific events occur during the course of a project. All 16 chapters of the book will be covered. Exercises will include some training in a generic scheduling tool, which will be applicable to a tool of school's choice. Purchasing teaching aids will free teachers from laborious tasks of developing that by themselves. Please visit the Download section for more information and follow the Teaching Aid header.


Teaching Project Management based on PM Workflow® will require licensing by organizations providing commercial training. The recognized non-profit universities and colleges may get the license for one US dollar for teaching Project Management class based on PM Workflow® for  academic credit.  Send inquiries to regarding licensing.

For information about purchasing the teaching aid package, please see the Download section area under the Teaching Aid header.


3. Corporations 

Today most corporations have sets of the functioning project management processes, which are supposed to ensure that all projects succeed. So, why over 80% of all projects, at least in IT area, significantly exceed budget, schedule or outright terminated before completion? Could this happen due to the poor risk management, the insufficient communication management, slack scope change control, missing quality reviews for deliverables, overly optimistic estimates etc.? May this happen because otherwise good processes are not executed on time, when it is most needed? Are some of those processes overlooked or intentionally skipped due to time or budget pressure?


PM Workflow forces execution of all the necessary processes and only the necessary processes exactly when it is needed. It directs project manager to execute specific processes at the right time and explains exactly how to do it at every step of the project lifecycle. PM Workflow will instruct project manager when it is time to run risk assessments and create risk plans, it will built a strong documented base for good communications with the project team and with your clients and other stakeholders. It will enforce the effective scope change process to ensure proper change justification, the controlled costs and compatibility to other elements of the projects, as well as to other systems interfacing to your product. It describes methods of project estimating and takes into account many other project elements, which will certainly affect your estimates. It has a very strict quality management to ensure that all quality processes are scheduled for execution at the right time, thus having quality of all deliverables assured. The process of quality building into the end product or service happens many times a day up to the delivery of the product with the documented and agreed quality.


Chief Information Officers, Development Managers, Project Directors and PMO Managers of corporations and banks will find the PM Workflow essential for their business. PM Workflow will minimize the need for the experienced and expensive project managers, as the process workflow will be guarding the less experienced project managers against most project lifecycle errors, reducing cost of all company projects. A medium level project manager will be able to take charge of large projects, currently managed by senior project managers, since every step of a project will be controlled by the processes, with all project issues reported. Similarly, junior project managers, project coordinators or students who completed the book study, all exercises and assignments, may substitute for the medium level project managers. The experienced project managers will be utilized more effectively for program and portfolio management, overseeing large number of projects. Furthermore, project quality will be greatly improved, since the compliance with all project management processes is enforced by workflow, further saving companies significant expenses.


Send inquiries to regarding licensing of PM Workflow in your organization. Request a free license to run one or two small to medium pilot projects using PM Workflow at no charge.

4. PM Software Companies


CEOs, presidents, vice presidents and marketing directors of software companies or divisions developing the traditional or the Cloud based project management applications will find a great opportunity which PM Workflow® presents to their businesses. 

Today there are several major software applications for project management.  They are widely used and impressive in capability, but none of them covers the entire project lifecycle and they count on whatever structure or flow is entered. Using those applications, a project manager is able to plan and track any part of the project.  However, the specifics, or even inclusion of some essential project processes in the plan (such as Quality Management, Risk Management etc.) is up to the individual project manager and corporate guidelines to account for. Furthermore, although project tracking with those tools will accurately reflect the actual versus expected project outcomes, it will not make the qualitative assessment of any issues that arise, nor will it direct the project manager to suggested steps required for managing the issue. The quality of the plan produced with those tools correlates directly with the project manager’s experience and ability, which in return sets a requirement for skilled and highly paid project managers to run even fairly straightforward projects. Using PM Workflow® eliminate this requirement.  


The software application based on PM Workflow® will automate project activities for managing the entire project lifecycle from the project request submission to the project closure, while constantly performing qualitative assessments of outcomes and suggesting steps for resolution. The application may seamlessly incorporate existing project management tools, such as MS Project, Clarity, Primavera etc. This will equally apply to both the traditional and the Cloud based applications. The application will have a major practical implication for the project management field, ensuring significant savings on every project by the end-users and corresponding profits to developers of such an application.


Send inquiries to regarding licensing of PM Workflow® for development of project management software by your organization. 


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